Battered Women’s Trust Re-Brand

Battered Women’s Trust came to Tanker looking to update their branding. The key requirements were to create a strong Cantabrian identity, incorporate a reference to the Women’s Refuge logo which features a Kowhai flower, and to reflect the wholistic service that differentiates them from other refuge services in the area.

Tanker set to work creating a visual identity that was professional, feminine, nurturing and strong! With Canterbury’s key role in the Suffrage movement we created an added layer of meaning to recognise the work of Kate Sheppard, a local and global icon that supported women. The camelia is a symbol that is strongly affiliated with her, as well as being featured on the NZ $10 note. There is also a dedicated Camelia Walk in the very heart of Christchurch city – in the botanical gardens. With it’s historical significance it was the perfect fit for the centrepiece of their new logo. We think this visual identity fits their brand perfectly and offers a welcoming but powerful emblem for the Battered Women’s Trust.

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