Instagram 101 – Tanker’s Top Tips

Flox Artist Instagram

So, you’re a business that’s signed up and rollin’ with Instagram. Need to double-check that you’re doing the basics right? Here’s our social media maven, Bayley ʻThe Mediator’s top three tips to get your Instagram account into second gear.

High quality, consistent imagery
Consider the filter choices you use and the style and layout of your pics, people will decide whether they want to follow you within seconds of first seeing your top six images – so make sure they leave an impression!

Make sure you have a clearly defined ‘About’ section
It’s your moment to tell your visitors a little something about who you are, where you are and what you’re all about. Make it easy for your potential followers to know and love you!

Make sure it’s a business page
Switching to a business page gives you some cool added functionality such as the addition of a contact button to your profile, the ability to view your insights (hello, who doesn’t love checking their stats) and even create sponsored advertisement campaigns on instagram!

All done and ready to push your Instagram strategy to the next level? Take a look at our social media portfolio for a heap of inspiration and feel free to… #GetInTouchWithUs if you’d like to organise #TimeForAChat