Lumina Audio Logo Design

OEM Audio NZ is an established multi-media vehicle unit (car radios, y’all!) business based in Christchurch that designs for both the wholesale and retail markets. With the introduction of their newest range they wanted to turbo-charge their branding with a distinctive name and visual identity.

The brief was to reflect a reliable, high quality media experience for New Zealanders that included a visionary new range of features; a bright, contemporary interface, advanced functionality and ease of use.

From a shortlist of names the concept of luminosity was an instant favourite as it reflected both the vibrant user interface, where a lumen is a measure of light emitted by a source; and a luminary: someone that inspires others – a leading light.

The word was refined to create a name that sounded contemporary and encapsulated both the luminosity and luminary aspects, as well as being available as a domain name. And so Lumina Audio was born.

The Peaks logo concept took Aotearoa’s Southern Alps and explored the idea of an adventure, travel, journey, combined with an element of NZ visual vernacular. Both the image and font were directional; with strong, clean angles, giving it a sense of speed, movement and greatness.

If you want to know more you can check them out here or on facebook!