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MailChimp Expert Discount Programme

Looking for some one-on-one guidance with MailChimp? As an official MailChimp Expert Tanker can help you with account set up, custom templates, campaign management, a warrant of fitness and more. And MailChimp will even give you three months of free service after starting your first project with us to offset your costs*.

Here’s how it works:

Check us out and say hello.
Email us and explain you’d like to work with us as part of the MailChimp Expert Discount program.

Agree on project scope and cost.
Determine exactly what you need us to do for you and how much we’ll charge.

Tanker will send your paid invoice to MailChimp.
Once your project is complete, Tanker will send a copy of your paid invoice to MailChimp. And -boom- MailChimp will apply three free months to your account.

*Cannot previously have received a MailChimp Experts Discount

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“Nicola completely understood what we wanted from the get-go, and was also more than happy to offer her professional opinion wherever we needed it. An extremely switched on, creative person who is also extremely easy to communicate with. She has now created an eNewsletter that we (and more importantly our customers) absolutely love. Will be recommending and will be back. Thanks, Nicola!”

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