Why Not to Buy Facebook Followers

Are you posting every day on Facebook but not getting results? Ever been tempted to buy Facebook followers after months of hard work with little to no return?

A word from the wise: do not buy Facebook followers. Just. Don’t. Do. It. Someone might offer you 1000 followers for $50. You might think to yourself “I couldn’t get that many followers with a boosted post!?” Think again – Facebook will start punishing your page by sending it hurtling towards the Engagement Abyss.

We’re sure you’ve seen those Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of followers and only a few ‘likes’ per post? Seems strange, right? Chances are they have bought some of their followers. The problem with buying followers is that fake profiles will follow you. Your page like count might look hot to trot – but your level of engagement will be rubbish in comparison. According to Facebook’s algorithms, it looks like you are posting irrelevant content, simply because your audience is not interacting with you. This means your content will not appear in your REAL audience’s news feeds. Bad news, huh?

Perhaps it’s time to get rid of those fake followers and give your page a thorough inspection? Tanker Creative are pros at looking at your organisation or profile page, making recommendations for getting the space running smoothly and coming up with sound social media strategies. We can even manage your content for you. And… organically grow an authentic audience that truly loves what you do!

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