Selling Stuff? Tanker Unites Vend and WooCommerce

Tanker Creative is one of the first design studios in the world to integrate Vend with WooCommerce to sell and sync product inventory across in store and online. Our client Flox, a kickass fine artist approached us when it was time to take her art to the world of online retail. It was also the perfect opportunity to upgrade her point of sales systems to Vend, and have the inventory automatically synced to WooCommerce – the platform used by 37% of online stores globally.

This integration is fantastic for small businesses as it frees up the staff to do other work and streamlines the sales process. It also hugely increased Flox’s reach – bringing her beautiful artwork’s availability straight to people’s mobiles and computers. With a click of the button, customers can browse her full range, choose framing via a composite product functionality and get pieces sent anywhere in the world through an advanced shipping addition. Once a purchase has been processed the system automatically updates the online store and in store inventory (or and vice versa). Voila! And don’t even get us started on all the great reporting available, that can wait for another post…

If this sounds like something your business could benefit from then pick up the phone or line up the keyboard and get in touch!