Tanker in Motion!

Nothing demands the attention of a Facebook or Insta viewer like a cool and effective vid and that’s why we’ve been working with our clients recently to pump out some eye catching content!

Flox came to us with a panoramic mural that was just too mega to post in one go without losing detail – our solution was a panoramic video that allowed her viewers to engage with her work in a totally new way! We think it rocks and really helps bring her native birds to life, it was also received well on the new Instagram stories platform. For her card collection  we wanted to try something a little quirkier. We’ve been loving the gif vids circulating Facebook that have really subtle movements as they really make you look twice and definitely leave an impression on the viewer. Check out our interpretation below with Flox’s cheeky Kakapo!

mr mod has an upcoming sale and needed a solution for not only sharing the details of the event but also giving people a sneak peek of sale goodies. What better way to grab people’s eyeballs than with a slideshow style video. Tanks was on the case producing this simple but effective video so all those mid century mod fans know what they’re in for.

If you need a hand whipping up an equally rad video for you social media pages then give Tanker a buzz! We love exciting new projects and coming up with the perfect video advert for your page.