Vicki Culling Visual Identity Development

Vicki Culling is a respected and experienced member of a special community that is involved in the very sensitive task of supporting parents and families who have heartbreakingly lost one or more pregnancies, babies or infants.
After several years as an advocate and educator, Vicki decided it was time to give her brand, Vicki Culling Associates a refresh and refine the goals for her practice. While Vicki wanted to bring a stronger focus to her work assisting Health Professionals in their growth of knowledge, she also wanted to retain some of the visual elements from her current logo.
The identity needed to appeal to a client base that spanned midwifery advisors in DHBs to funeral directors, reflected her values of excellence, connection and advancement in a clean, clear style with a personality that expressed passion, confidence and authenticity. The development of the tree/wreath element inspired by the native AkeAke tree referenced concepts of growth, transformation, accomplishment and fertility. The colour palette was also refined to communicate these refined goals, deepening the brand red to a rich, rosewood hue.
Overall the end result was a distinctive, professional logo with heart that’s already winning fans through it’s use on business cards, certificates and workshop collateral.
Thank you so much to Vicki, it was a privilege to work on such a precious assignment.