WooCommerce Features Tanker!

We love working for the amazing Flox, she’s one of New Zealand’s top young artists and a thoroughly nice person to boot.

Flox is hot stuff, she’s always got new projects on the go, so she needed a super clever online and POS system to keep up with sales and free her time to make more art.

We designed a beautiful new website and WooCommerce e­Commerce store to make it easy for Flox to expand her online market and helped her revamp her in-store sales system at the same time with the good people at Vend. We also integrated Xero and WooCommerce so managing things like stock levels, payments and invoices is no longer a chore.

Now her online and in-store systems work together like a dream. So it really doesn’t matter where her customers are, whether they love the gallery experience and want to visit her at her studio, or just want to browse from the comfort of their couch. All is now super efficient in the world of Flox and business is booming.

In fact the new system is so slick the folks at WooCommerce did a little write up about it. 

Tanker specialises in creating sharp looking websites with e-commerce systems to make life a breeze.

If you’d like to talk to us about making your new website or updating a current version then we’d be chuffed to have a chat.