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This morning, while inhaling cereal and facebook posts I came upon a link to a BuzzFeed article on The Most Powerful Ads Of Amnesty International.

It immediately sucked me back into the mid-naughties and one special campaign I developed with John Shaw, from Amnesty International NZ.

We had two rough images of women, the awful accounts of what had happened to them and a two-colour print budget. We needed to create something very eye-catching and emotive to grab people’s attention, get them to understand the plight of women in violence and have them donate to the Sop Violence Against Women Campaign.

I was inspired by a book I cherished on confronting design and advertising to come up with a very challenging strategy, which used the thoughts of the abusers as the headlines. The stories behind the abuse were featured below in subheads and smaller text. John and the team at Amnesty ran with it and the A2 and A3 posters were printed.

When the campaign ran I was heartened to hear that indeed, people found the posters and the stories that accompanied them as shocking as I had. One caller to Amnesty demanded the posters be removed from public display.

A lot of the advertisements featured on Buzzfeed would have had a load more cash spent on them, however I’m proud of this campaign and the results reflected in the strong creative strategy. Sometimes you can make a big difference with very little money and a great idea.

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