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Branding & Logo Design

Creating logos and on-target branding graphics

Your organisation’s visual identity will be what truly and quickly conveys who you are, what you do, where you’re going all while giving a shout out to who you want to meet there.

It’s Tanker’s job to know how to communicate all this to the people that count – whether you’re a fine artist, five-star hotel, or selling superb a product, service or experience.

“I’ve been working with Nicola Devine and her design company Tanker Creative to define my brand and visual identity. Tanker has done a wonderful job; I’m very happy with the results.”

Tim NeesOwnerNew Work Studio / Tim Nees Architects

Nicola was always in touch with us and our brand needs – a great eye for the detail and the design was always effective and professional. I’d have no problem recommending Nicola to anyone looking for a great, dynamic and intuitive design professional!

Mark AngusGeneral ManagerBolton Hotel

Thanks Nicola and team, fantastic job. Delighted with everything you have done so far.

OEM Audio