Courage My Love eNewsletter Design

Searching for some fancy pants that will make you look good, feel super and help keep this precious little planet of ours a sustainable place to live? Look no further than Courage My Love Legskins. These nifty little numbers cross the line between fitness and fashion, function and art – and awesomely are almost exclusively made in New Zealand by Persephone Singfield, founder and visionary.
Persephone was already on the MailChimp train when she contacted me to collaborate on refining the design and having a look at content opportunities for her campaigns. After checking out the Courage My Love website and having a drool at the Henna Tattoo Legskins, Tanker developed a template and strategy to engage readers while showcasing designs. Next minute, a fully editable, device-responsive, drag and drop template was being rustled up ready for blast off. Kicking it!



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