Flox Survey 2020

Do You Know Who Your Fans Are?

That’s what we asked Flox. Through a customer survey she learned who her fans really are, what they buy, and what they really think of her.

So when it’s time to refine your business, scale up or launch a new product, survey’s are part of the research that can help you be  confident in the direction you]re heading. Don’t go on guesstimates when you can get an honest answer from the people that love you the most (and buy your products!).

The key to a successful survey is a solid strategy: What do you want out of this?

Keep in mind you can’t ask too much of your fans, and trying to tick all of the boxes may result in diluted answers. After question #10635 they have probably dropped off, or are giving half-hearted answers. Keep it fun, simple, and ask the key questions.

An incentive is also a great way to drive survey responses. After all, you are asking your audience to give up their personal time to help your business—and they know that. In the case of Flox, who could say no to going into the draw to win an exclusive Flox goodie pack? I know I couldn’t.

And the result?

Over 2,200 responses, a new business strategy and confirmation that everyone loves Flox (surprise!).

Want to get personal with your audience? Let’s chat.

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