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MailChimp Warrant of Fitness

Get your MailChimp eNewsletter campaigns running smoothly. Tanker takes a look under the hood to check that you’ve got everything up to standard.
It’s good to know how your campaigns are performing, what info people are most interested in and which buttons they are clicking! A MailChimp Warrant of Fitness will tell you whether you are achieving what you want and will help you begin to track your goals and refine your template and newsletters.

A MailChimp Warrant of Fitness includes:

Analysing and comparing data and averages over last two years
Campaigns sent to more than 200 addresses
Open rates vs industry average
Clickthrough rates
Unsubscribe and abuse rates
Best Practice basics for lists – structure, template, campaign content and strategy, campaign set up, send/schedule, integrations.
Provided in Google Documents + PDF format.
30 minute in person, skype or phone call to debrief.

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Mailchimp Experts

“Nicola was lovely to work with, and helped us tons with content management as well as creative direction. She was also fantastic about small changes and going back and forth, producing exactly what we needed in great time.”

KarenDirector - Bali Villas

Tanker also offers a Warrant of Fitness for websites and social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Get in touch to find out more!