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International abstract artist Evan Woodruffe is known for creating a world that is fluid and porous with complex relationships between colour and pattern.

Evan was seeking a website that was an extension of his practice, while allowing his artworks a space to dazzle: “It’s a big step to take from a self-made website to a truly professional digital platform. While cheap to run, my old site couldn’t run far and had ceased to properly reflect my art practice.’’.

“The world exists as much online as offline, and to connect with my audience both in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally, my website needs to present my practice accurately, while responding fluidly to both changes in my work and interest from my viewers.” said Evan.

As an artist, Evan dons a metaphorical coat (jacket?) of many colours—and as such he needed a site design to showcase selected artworks; build an accessible record of upcoming, current and previous exhibitions and art fairs, as well as collaborations and commissions. His material specialisations and brand ambassadorships were another area that required documentation and promotion, along with his workshops and teaching. Lastly, what’s a site without a record of the heaps of news-worthy content Evan generates?

Nicola and the crew at Tanker Creative are genuinely involved in developing websites that give an authentic portrait of the artist, and that provide just what the artist wishes to give.

Evan Woodruffe Artist Website Portfolio page
Evan Woodruffe Artist Website Materials Specialist page

The Solution

Plenty of functionality was added to assist with the growth of Evans audiences and the sales of art:

• An enquiry form on each of his featured artworks is sent direct to PAULNACHE gallery, allowing them manage transactions and commissions

• The ability to add eCommerce for workshop bookings was another requirement

• Additionally supporting the growth of his followers through links to his social channels and Mailchimp newsletter subscription forms making him easy to find and follow, was also on the wish list

• And, to capture interest in his workshops and events we developed a customised form to gather all relevant data at the outset, saving Evan time going back and forth to collect all the essential intel.

The layout of the pages was designed to create an accessible eco-system to explore the many facets of Evan’s work, with links from each page to other areas of his practice. The choice of green as the primary highlight colour echoed the often-seen green ribbon element of Evan’s work, and the light indigo parallax panels provide a detailed, moving insight into the textural element of his pieces. A curved hero image and buttons also reflect the organic nature of his paintings. The use of a dark indigo text was made to break out from the predictable blacks and greys and further complement the colourful hues of his works.

The Wrap

Tanker was thrilled to be able to collaborate with Evan on his site, built with sensitivity towards his art and allowing for expansion to support his future goals. We’ll leave the last words to Evan:

Nicola and the crew at Tanker Creative are genuinely involved in developing websites that give an authentic portrait of the artist, and that provide just what the artist wishes to give. In close conversations, Tanker built me a new website that retains my voice, covers the various threads of my practice, remains flexible for the future, and maintains my close partnership with my agents.

Tanker understood what I wanted, and delivered a website easy to navigate, easy to grow, and that I’m proud to direct people to.

Platform: Hosted WordPress with WooCommerce
Launch: November 2021
Team: Nicola, Gina, Jane, Zinnia, Antony

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Evan Woodruffe Artist Website 24 May 2019 page


Evan names his works after their ‘birth day’.

People are often unconsciously drawn to pieces with personally significant dates before they even know what the title of the work is.

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