Freshly built: An architect’s website


Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.32.19 AM

A few weeks back Tanks was excited to sniff the newly printed business cards designed for New Work Studio / Tim Nees Architects – hey, who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh ink? And while smelling a computer screen doesn’t have quite the same effect, it’s still wonderful to be able to launch Tim’s updated website.

A multi-award winning architect and Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Architecture, Tim’s move to Christchurch facilitated an update in brand and online. With his mission to spread the ideas of thinking space / loving architecture, we developed a site that allows him to showcase his work, inspire, discuss and collaborate.

With more upgrades on the way, this is looking like a very special home that expresses all the elements and details that Tim is so renowned for.

Enjoy the site at »