Global Baby Travel Checklist

I’ve heard that Kate Moss can be packed and ready to fly anywhere in the world in 10 minutes flat. However, things aren’t so simple when it comes to vacaying with babies and toddlers – a fabulous LBD and a pair of cut offs simply won’t cover all potential situations. Forward thinking and organisation is required, something that can be tricky if you’re time poor and/or managing on three hours sleep.

Together with Global Baby we’ve created an eye-catching checklist (aka impossible to lose) to make sure nothing is left behind. Amongst the must-haves and great ideas are sunscreen, balloons, a small bottle of dishwashing liquid; and an essential for anyone – a phone charger.

With everything under control, the only thing parents will need to remember is the kids.

Head over to the Global Baby blog to download your own free printable version »

Photo: Chrissy Irvine