Introducing Facebook Shops: 6 key points

Introducing Facebook Shops: 6 key points

Here at Tanker we’re buzzing about the new free features Facebook is rolling out to help ambitious folk with something to sell make a name for themselves online. With the extra pressure everyone is under right now, this couldn’t have come at a better time.

The 2020 launch of Facebook Shops has shaken everything up. Now Tanker can help you get set up with your own online storefront on Facebook that really embodies your brand AND features a collection of your goods and services to wow Facebookers and make it super easy for them to buy directly from you online.

Facebook Shops is all new, so let’s break it down to illuminate the main gains:

1. Stake out your little corner of Facebook (and Instagram!)

We can set you up with a beautifully customised Facebook Shop that expresses your brand story, with the colours and fonts that your customers already know and love.

To stretch your reach, your Facebook Shop can also appear as an Instagram Shop. No multiple uploads and tweaks across platforms required… simply update one and both change.

People will be able to find your Facebook Shop on your business’ Facebook Page or Instagram profile, or come across you through stories or ads. Easy.

2. Inspire new customers

Your business can feature a range of products or services on your online Facebook Shop so customers don’t have to leave Facebook to browse your collection. We can help you showcase the items that will attract the attention of your new customers.

As the reigning big wheel of social media, Facebook has over 2.6 billion active monthly users, so it’s a good place to put out your sandwich board.

3. Open for business any time, anywhere

Time and space are no longer obstacles. When you have a Facebook Shop, you have the opportunity to tap into a global market for your products that goes beyond 9 – 5.

Even after you’ve clocked off for the evening, people can still be browsing your collection and placing orders.

4. Make it easier for customers to get in touch

Facebook Shops allows you to offer your customers a range of ways to make contact. You can utilise WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct to field enquiries, answer questions, offer support and more. That way your customers can connect in the way that’s most intuitive for them.

5. This is just the beginning…

There’s a whole lot more features in the works that will be rolling out soon to support businesses. Facebook is already talking loyalty programmes and hinting at other engagement uppers.

Early adopters will be well poised to utilise new features as they become available – we say this is a wave you want to catch.

6. Now is the time

To keep your business in the running, don’t leave it too late to get in on Facebook Shops. In these times of covid and with the uncertainty of changing government rules and regulations, it’s wise to strengthen your online trading NOW, every way you can.

At Team Tanks, helping people grow their presence online is our gig, and we’re here to make it happen for you. We can help you set up your Facebook Shop and open your doors to a new world of customers. Talk to us today.

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