June 2013 Desktop Calendar


There’s been days of lightning, thunder and hail in Auckland recently, heralding the onset of Autumn. It’s one of my favourite times of the year, and not just because I love being able to use the word ‘autumnal’. The fiery colours of nature are a dramatic sunset to a most gorgeous summer. The cool weather, a signal to wrap up and regenerate; an opportunity focus on creative indoor activities.

This months beautiful image is from guest star Lindsay Anne Dransfield aka LA Birdie, and representative of what I regard as whimsical, tonally thoughtful often dreamlike pieces. Fittingly LA Birdie also has an affinity with the in-between seasons and nature. I’ve included a few more of her pieces below, discover for yourself her portraits, still life compositions, landscapes many more on flickr and at labirdiephotography.com. Many thanks go out to LA for generously allowing me to use this image.

Anne Bradstreet is the supplier of June’s words, which resonated across the centuries — they were written in the 17th century! Bradstreet’s is an inspirational story, an educated adventurer and published author she was fascinated with the human mind, spirit and inner guidance, while living in a deeply religious Puritan community.

Have a lovely June, whether you’re playing in the falling leaves or frolicking in the daffodils.

– Nicola

LA Birdie Photography