Maca Bernal Jewellery Artist Logo

Creating Maca Bernal’s Brand Identity

As an internationally renowned jeweller, Maca Bernal’s much admired Maca Links are geometric shaped links crafted through wax modelling and 3d printing which are later cast in resin.

For the next stage of her business development, she needed her brand to match the quality of her work. Enter stage right Tanker Creative. We know a brand isn’t just a pretty typeface. Before you get to the designy bits, you need brand vision, mission, goals, characteristics, creative direction, and a future-forward brief.

Tanks worked with Maca to develop a visual identity that embodied her practice, philosophy and work: Inventive, Original, Creative, Bold, and Fearless.

This led us to choosing the typeface Blackstein in two weights. Maca’s name was additionally stacked to add hierarchy along with scale — the text ‘Maca’ given priority, with ‘Bernal’ the secondary element. In a reflection of her character and work, this is a visual symbol that is distinctively strong, geometric and unapologetically present.

And so, ta da the Maca Bernal logo was created. The visual ID was extrapolated out into other brand elements including stickers, care cards and more.

Take a look at the gallery below to see how her works and the logo ‘link’ together.

Building Maca Bernal’s Online Marketing

Maca’s art practice is multi-faceted creature. So, from the get-go we knew that she needed a bit more than an e-commerce website.

First stop, making Maca’s website as bright and beautiful as the works themselves. In collaboration with the artist we developed a colour palate that was cohesive with the brand values, and created a bit of fun in a what can be a more conservative industry. Maca plays the game differently — so should her online presence followed suit.

With a lot on offer, it was important to make the website easy to navigate. We created a sitemap based on her ambitious goals and website functionality. It was important that the website was easy to navigate for everyone, so the website was designed in a hierarchal arrangement so visitors can access information where they expect to find it. This also means that a visitor can find the information they want to find quickly, so are less likely to leave or abandon a transaction.

With site migration to Shopify (due to its easy management, being mobile friendly and security conscious), the next step was to create categorisations of Maca’s work and set up unique pages to display them. From being able to buy Maca‘s pieces, to being able to order a custom piece, book one of her highly successful workshops, purchase gift cards and beyond, guests can now choose their own Maca adventure. This also let us highlight Maca’s other trade experience on customising classic jewellery and professional collaborations. She is a woman of many talents!

To share all this wonderfulness, we also created a Mailchimp campaign strategy so her fans are always up-to-date. We kicked off the campaign with a follower drive and Maca was on her way. The newsletter mirrors the look and feel of the website, and features the key content such as her latest works and upcoming projects. Check out her newsletter here.

We continue to work with Maca on strategically optimising her creative practice in the brand and online marketing space.

I am a jewellery artist. My business, my art are not conventional. Tanker takes the time to understand me and makes it work for me by coming up with personalised non conventional solutions. Getting online and having my art available to people in these pandemic times has been life-changing. Thanks to what Tanker has set up for me I’m now happy making in my studio, connected with my audience on social media, whilst my website is turning a profit.

Maca Bernal Jewellery Artist

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