Need an experienced co-driver to help you navigate your journey? Tanker can support you to choose your destination, keep you on track, and manage any speed-bumps.

We have years of experience mentoring through one-on-one sessions and running workshops for creatives and organisations across business, brand, web and social.

We also review your entire situation—taking into consideration internal strengths and weaknesses; external opportunities and threats; and how best to mitigate and take advantage of these.

Whether you’re looking to develop or refine your top level vision, mission and goals; develop your branding, website, Mailchimp, social media, pricing and target markets; or dive into strategy, implementation, the setting up of Key Performance Indicators or monthly reporting—we can guide you.

As registered providers for the Regional Business Partnership Network in Auckland, Waikato, Whanganui, Wellington and Canterbury, as well as Activate Tamaki Makaurau, we can also offer reduced rates for many of our services. Ready to burn rubber? Send us the word below.





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“Tanker Creative and Nicola mentoring showed me their understanding of creative professionals and organisation. They helped me identify and prioritize goals for my business, and develop strategies to successfully implement them. They were excellent communicators and well organised. They even acted as much-needed motivators, guides and sounding boards for an emerging design firm such as mine.”

Ben Albury
Amalgam (Architects, NYC)

“I loved working with Nicola and her team.”

Sketchy Recollections, an energetic and moderately inaccurate illustrator of design classics and cultural references

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