PhotoED Magazine Mailchimp Newsletter June 2022

PhotoED is a magazine celebrating diverse Canadian photography in a brand new light.

It is the only independent Canadian photography print publication on newsstands for those looking to learn something new through photography.

The founder of PhotoEd reached out to Tanker for a Mailchimp content strategy which would engage subscribers of their digital newsletter, promote photographers work and link to print and digital-based editions of their magazine.

We worked with Rita to test and refine the content, resulting in a significant rise in clickthroughs through to her website and that of her patrons, as well as identifying a benchmark and managing a consistent open rate.

Additionally we were able to suggest refinements using Content Optimizer—paid Mailchimp functionality—for Skimmability; Text & Visuals; Links & CTAs; and Typography.

Tanks particularly loved the outcome of PhotoEd’s Pride newsletter—next level content!

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