Shoreline Music MailChimp Template

Shoreline Music is the world’s oldest online purveyor of musical instruments. They have the best gear, the lowest prices, the best return policy, the best shipping policy, and some cool videos featuring some pretty amazing guitars. Whether you’re into creating music or simply enjoying it, you’re bound to find plenty to explore there.

Shoreline’s owner, John, a  Kiwiland aficionado (yus!), got in touch with Tanker to collaborate on the creation of a template and graphics for sending out MailChimp campaigns and transactional emails for customers of his online shop.

His lovely website reflects the zen of his bricks and mortar shop, so Tanks extended that feel to inboxes with our choice of colours and textures; as well as using the three spheres of the Shoreline Music brand: Create, Enjoy, Explore as inspiration for the structure of the template.

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