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Armed with a portfolio packed with wild and free illustrations of cool cameras, musical gear, cocktails, bicycles and more, an artist approached Tanker with the aim to create a stand alone international brand, depicting high quality products and design classics from bygone era of the 20th century.

The scope of the initial project included Naming, Tagline and Intro Para, Logo, and Brand Identity — all inspired by current illustrations (fun!).

The brand intended to showcase visual content that would appeal to a geeky secret club — people familiar with iconic, if slightly specialised, late 20 century products; as well as resonating with art lovers that appreciate how these products of the past have been portrayed in a creative way.

The brand wanted to provide low cost, easily accessible items such as posters, digital downloads, pins, totes, and t-shirts for people that appreciate design and were be nostalgic about these special artefacts of the past.


Sketchy Recollections

Inspired by the linework of the art, “Sketches”, the idea of recollecting moments/products experienced or used in the past; memories of the 20th Century. It also plays on the concept of ‘collections’ of products; and additionally idea of a design collection/series. The word ‘Sketchy’ is also a retro term that’s informal, and slightly naughty in character, Also harks back to the glory days of yore, when certain events may have been a bit hazy! Good times.

Sketchy Recollections
An energetic and moderately inaccurate line in design classics and cultural references

Intro para:
Sketchy Recollections
An energetic and moderately inaccurate line in design classics and cultural references.
Aimed squarely at the stylishly unconventional, Sketchy pillages inspiration from the vaults of 20th century nostalgia for boldly vague, illustrative reinterpretations of design and culture.

Visual Identity:


With paint splatters already a strong element Tanker decided to go with a typographic solution that could be used over the top of these. It needed to be a strong, classic, quirky solution. Using a classic 20 century typeface we took inspo from past styling to place the type on an angle and create a slight wave — referencing the flow of the illustrations and the almost wooziness of a sketchy experience.

“I loved working with Nicola and her team.”

Sketchy Recollections, an energetic and moderately inaccurate illustrator of design classics and cultural references

Sketchy’s Instagram Kick Off

Creating a brand story.

First stop, creating a set of posts that would work together to develop awareness around the brand, working as a whole and as singular posts.

Tanker chose a background that worked across all images with paint splatters and a watercolour ʻriver’. The single posts covered product images with simple product info to create context around the illustrations. A couple of tongue-in-cheek posts, including one from a long-dead rapper added to the slightly oddball character of the brand.

We continue to work with Sketchy on strategically optimising their creative practice in the brand and online marketing space.

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