Summit Property Management – Branding and Website

Up, up and away! Summit Property Management was after branding and website for their property management and maintenance business.

Summit Property Management is a Wellington-based business specialising in creating a stress-free building and property maintenance service. They pride themselves on being trustworthy, delivering their work to a very high standard and doing the work at very competitive rates.

Their logo and branding took the main inspiration from the word “summit”. Director Jimmy Ryan is a keen trail runner and wanted to use the word in the name of his business. Plus it also works in with the hilly world of Wellington!

Summit Property Maintenance Logo

Blue for the logo suggests a professional and stable company that allows you to put trust in their performance and craftsmanship. It also reflects New Zealand’s outdoor environment which is the backdrop to their beautiful, high-quality work.

The tagline “Plan – Build – Maintain” was very important. It confidently snapped together all of the aspects of the business and was short enough that it could be used for further branding on other assets like company cars and business cards. For this design, we chose to accent the tittle above the “i” glyph by making them at an angle to accentuate the idea of summit and building.

A responsive site was needed as clients and potential customers access their site on many devices. You never know when you are going to need that emergency maintenance! A clean and easy to use site means people can easily access the information that they need. The text was optimised for increased SEO to drive their business goals of finding more clients.

The result is an eye-catching website that gives confidence in the work of Summit Property Management to clients and potential customers.

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