Mailchimp Academy Foundations Certification

We’re Officially Certified for Mailchimp Foundations

Tanker was the first Mailchimp expert directory listing in Australasia waaaay back in 2012.
Nine years later Team Tanks decided it was time to up our skills.
The Mailchimp Foundations Certification via the Mailchimp Academy provides a comprehensive—well, foundation—in Mailchimp’s all-in-one-Marketing Platform.
The whole team took all the courses, which are organised into journeys called Collect, Organise, Personalise, Market, and Optimise over about 10 hours. We passed all 6 assessments to become officially certified in Mailchimp.
Now we’re covered on all the freaky new functionality that’s going on to get our clients looking sharp and working smart.

Check out the areas we have legit indepth know-how in:

Collecting Contacts

How Mailchimp’s all-in-one Marketing Platform gives you a strong foundation for marketing and how to collect contacts.


Learning how to organise contacts using tags, groups, and segments, and how they can help you refine your audience.

– Tags, Groups, and Segments
– Advanced Segmentation


Find out how to use the data collected and organised to speak to audiences as individuals.

– Audience Dashboard and Contact Profiles
– Merge Tags and Dynamic Information
Insights and Analytics Tools
Address Finder and Predicted Demographics


Learning how to use personalised data to create highly personalised, multichannel campaigns. Exploring each channel in depth, including email, organic social posts, digital ads, postcards, and landing pages, and seeing how using automations and the content studio helps market more efficiently.

– Campaigns
– Email
– Social Posts
– Digital Ads
– Postcards
– Landing Pages
– Automations
– Mailchimp’s Content Studio


Finding out how Mailchimp helps create better, more optimised campaigns. Exploring how to use features like A/B testing, customer lifetime value, lookalike audiences, and more.

– Reports
– Smart Recommendations
– A/B Splits and Multivariate Testing
– Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Purchase Likelihood (VERY COOL!)
– Send Time Optimisation, Lookalike Audiences, and Product Recommendations (ALSO VERY COOL!)

If you’re an ambitious creative professional or organisation that needs to up your Mailchimp game, give us a shout out.

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