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We’re mixing it up this month with our first feature that isn’t a person! This month’s Christchurch Creative is XCHC Cafe which offers some of the best kai in the city and is run by the exceptionally talented Chef Aliesha McGilligan.

Located at 376 Wilsons Road, the XCHC is a creative hub offering a showcase space and a maker space both connected by the exciting buzz of this ever evolving cafe and deli. With an open decor the idea is that you are stepping into Aliesha’s kitchen and that’s exactly how it feels as she welcomes you with an incredible warm attitude and food to match. The menu changes daily with fresh produce from local ingredients that result in an experience which comes straight from the heart.

If you’re after an even more intimate experience then book yourself into one of the her famous “Chef’s Table” event which sees her catering to 12 people in a family style lunch which promises a unique way of eating out in Christchurch. At only $20 a head this is one of the coolest and most affordable foodie events in town!

“I care about the love and intention behind the energy in each plate of food, and how that keeps us going forward, individually, and cohesively as a society. I care about the choices we make every day and the impact they have on our global culture. I believe in making healthy food affordable for everybody.”


We love the passion this place brings to food and it’s one of our top picks for business meetings and social gatherings alike! You know you will be leaving satisfied when you visit the XCHC Cafe!

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