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White Cottage – Logo Design

White Cottage is new boutique accommodation in Matakana from our friends at Black and White Barn.

The logo design is based on the building that was extensively renovated when the business was purchased. Part of the inspiration for the interior decoration of White Cottage was the vintage of the building and reflecting design genres from mid 18th century arts and crafts through to 1930s Art Deco. We took that and created a classic, simple logo type.

The type face (Freight Neo) was chosen for its clean, friendly humanistic sans design with good contrast. We used lower case letter forms to create a relaxed and inviting feel. The design alludes to the building structure with an implied angled roofline created from customising the type face by manipulating the ascender on the h’s and t’s. By manipulating the kerning we created space to the letters providing an airy, luxurious fee.

The colours have been kept to monochrome so when used in conjunction with imagery it provides but doesn’t compete.

White Cottage – renovation pictures

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