Artist sorting out her inventory system for her artworks

Why An Art Inventory System May Just Change Your Life!

Can creativity and order co-exist?

We say yes!

The creative geniuses of this world have not always been renowned for their methodical organisation and filing expertise. We get it. Some of us are simply more interested in art than administration.

However as a working artist in this world, it’s not so easy to avoid the admin side of the business.

That’s why we really recommend an online art inventory system. If you’re a working artist it’s actually a bit of a must. It allows you to track your inventory, contacts, galleries, sales, and mucho more. All your data in one place, accessible from all your devices and backed up on the nightly. You’ll be able to catalogue, organise, track, share and sell your art with greater ease. No lost bits and pieces, no chaos, no paperwork overwhelm necessary.

Whether you’re needing to summon your inner administrator or you’re longing for more time and freedom to make art, a good art inventory system can be life changing.

No matter where you’re at with your relationship to order, you’ll gain a touch of wizardry when it comes to filing and benefit big time.

5 reasons you need an art inventory system

1. Store all your info in one place and make it visual

Have all your artworks and their details, including the history of each piece, displayed beautifully and visually in one place. Find what you need to find, at a glance.

2. Know where your artworks are located

Ever lost track of a favourite piece? We feel your pain. With an art inventory system, you can easily track where your pieces have been and where they are now. Whether on the wall of a gallery or in box 4, at the back of shelf 3 in your storage space, everything becomes findable.

3. Give collectors and curators what they want

When a collector or curator reaches out, you’ll be able to access all your artwork and records and send whatever information is needed right away, no biggy.

4. Make reporting a breeze

Keep an eye on your production and sales with artwork insights that provide you with the clarity you need to make informed business decisions. It’s so helpful for working artists to have this kind of overview.

5. Create a beautiful public portfolio 

Some online systems like Art Moi let you create websites from their platforms, so you can also display a stunning online portfolio that collectors and curators can easily discover or be directed to.

So how to get started?

You will need to devote some time to photographing works and creating your inventory. We recommend starting with what’s freshest in your mind and working backwards. We also recommend putting some music on and pouring a glass of wine. You never know, it may even be fun! Give some time to carefully cataloguing your pieces now and you’ll have a living archive that will make everything easier going forward.

Choosing the right online art inventory system is important. Look for ease of use, aesthetics and functionality. Many offer free trials so you can get a feeling for what works for you.

From what we’ve seen out and about, we like Gallery Tool or Art Moi for crafting a stunning inventory you can really revel in.

We’re always interested in hearing from artists what’s working for them, so please be in touch and share.

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