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As the world continues to recalibrate due to the spread of COVID-19 Tanker’s Founder and Creative Director, Nicola Devine, provides an insight into current and future trends to consider for the creative sector.


With a captive audience the reach and engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Mailchimp has been nothing less than incredible.

We’ve seen stats for both organic and boosted reach exceed 400%, even for pages with less than 500 followers. Examples of Mailchimp subscription databases of several thousand growing by 30% in 4 days and clickthrough rates 15% above average have also blown our minds.

Owing to the lack of financial security at the moment, we can’t guarantee a lot of sales, although people are still buying non-essential products online, so are recommending a focus on brand building and community engagement/support. This is an opportunity to build an audience with:
• Engagement on Facebook and Insta via boosted, targeted campaigns
• Mailchimp email database sign ups through social media campaigns
• Mailchimp eNewsletter campaigns.


The current situation has identified some gaping holes and wonderful opportunities; technology and communities are adapting.

A world in lockdown has identified areas of output that bring value to lives, which may have been under-appreciated. Creative practitioners and organisations from choirs, musicians, theatre productions, galleries and museums have provided online access and engagement to a global audience.

As of mid-April 2020, the worldwide lockdown will have ongoing ramifications—health, wellbeing, ecological, social and financial aspects—for the coming weeks, months and years.

We need to consider how to refine and adapt to ensure ongoing survival of our practises and organisations. The areas of brand strategy; online assets and functionality; audiences; offerings; social media should be carefully considered as part of this. Eventbrite has quickly started pushing online events. Artsy and Ocula online artworks for purchase, exhibitions, galleries, even art fairs. Local Product Designer business David Trubridge are engaging live online with their fans. Even arthouse cinemas such as Christchurch’s Deluxe have gone online.

As we have always recommended, and which couldn’t be more super pertinent, right now is the time to Stop, Look, Listen and be prepared to Burn Rubber.


With an education from Whanganui School of Design and long term experience in interactive media: web and email marketing since 2005, social media since the mid teens, Nicola has been an avid follower of new technology in the marketing, design and communications.

Alongside this Nicola has been involved in the Aotearoa Art Scene since 2002, working with a stable of fine and commercial artists, architects, photographers, dealer galleries and other creative and high end brands and organisations including Flox, Kushana Bush, Michel Tuffery, Stencil Art Prize (Australia), Simon Devitt Photographer, Design Assembly, Miranda Gallery, Depot Artspace, XCHCH, New Work Studio/Tim Nees Architects, Paul Hartigan, Elizabeth Thompson, Matt Payne, Naomi Azoulay, Anna Bibby Gallery, Momentum Gallery and Mark Hutchins Gallery.

Image credit: Elements via Pinky Fang and TheDadsNet

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