Your 5 Minute Mailchimp Update | June 2021

Mailchimp is known as an industry leading email marketing service.

Now they’ve been flexing their muscles more widely across the marketing and commerce world. Here’s the latest from their recent Spotlight event.

Mailchimp Spotlight Event

Expanding to becoming an all in one marketing platform 2019, Mailchimp’s next big reveal is to become the solution for handling multiple online tools. Email. Web. Social. All in one place.

Selling made simple.

With a goal of being a one-stop-shop for marketing and commerce, this new offering allows you to launch website, build store, schedule appointments, and drive traffic.

There is just one snag, this is currently online available to our US and UK clients. However, they promise us they are working hard to launch this internationally.

As for cost, the start of your Mailchimp journey remains free until you upgrade. If you use their store feature, Mailchimp will charge you a transaction free of up to 2% when you sell a product (the fee depends on the level of your plan).

Mailchimp Appointment

Check out the fancy new email builder.

In 2020 Chimp HQ introduced a beta version of their new streamlined email builder, this now available for businesses internationally to use.

Tanks has been using this builder with some clients, and it is very much in a website, drag and drop style that is easy and familiar for many.

As a core part of their business Mailchimp knows that their website builder needs to evolve with their clients — we expect to see a similar UX to bring all this functionality together.

Mailchimp Email Editor

Love analytics? Now you can check your tone.

Check it out: Mailchimp’s new eNewsletter content reporting is going to examine tone, imagery and structure!

Plus, they will provide handy tips on how to up your game.

With this huge download of new content, Mailchimp also provides you with the opportunity to use templates to create your Customer Journeys for regularly used processes such as abandoned cart emails.

Here at Tanker, we are all about a cohesive customer experience, and Mailchimp is bringing the functionality to manage all in one place.

If you are looking for a consistent space to manage your brand, get in touch with the first Mailchimp Expert in Australasia – Tanker!

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